Flanco Gasket & Manufacturing

Flanco Gasket and Manufacturing Inc. is a family-owned and operated machine shop and manufacturer based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

For more than 30 years, Flanco has developed a successful operation based on the principles of personal service, pride in craftsmanship and prompt delivery of products and services. Many of Flanco’s executives and managers began their career as young as age 12 sweeping the machine shop floors. The Flanary family heritage is based upon nearly a lifetime of on-the-job training and experience in the machining industry.

“Our goal at Flanco is to produce high quality products to meet our customers specifications with quality service.”




In 1956, Bill Flanary got his start in the machining industry through the United States Air Force as an apprentice machinist trained at the now-defunct Plattsburgh Air Force Base, in Plattsburgh, New York. He and his family have been in machining ever since. After serving in the Air Force for four years, Bill went to work for an Oklahoma City gasket company in 1964, eventually becoming plant supervisor for the company’s special products division and overseeing numerous government contracts.

In 1977, Bill Flanary became the co-owner of Jimco Inc., founded by Jim Pafford and Jim Hunt in 1974. He renamed the company to Flanco Gasket and Manufacturing Inc. in 1991 to better reflect the company’s core products and services and ownership, after he bought out the original founders. Since Bill Flanary’s involvement in the late 70s, Flanco Gasket and Manufacturing has seen the addition of a machine shop and tool and die department, as well as steady growth. In 2005, an additional machine shop was built after the CNC department outgrew its original space. The addition brought Flanco’s machining and manufacturing capacity to nearly 34,000 square feet.


Our Team

Bill Flanary
Mary L. Flanary
 Vice President
Pat Slavin
Office Manager
Helen Combs
Sales Manager 
Paul Erickson
CNC Shop Leadperson 
Christopher Flanary
Computer Operations Manager 

Kelly Flanary
Machine Shop Supervisor
Phillip Gillette
Punch Press Supervisor
Kelly Flanary
Quality Control Supervisor 
Alan Hall
CNC Shop Supervisor 
Billy Flanary
Operations Manager 

Steve Flanary
Government Bid Coordinator

Bob Westcot
Quality Control